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            Born in Northern California, Jack Straton moved to New York in 2010, and began life as a Production Sound Mixer in 2015. He now resides in Brooklyn with his wife and three synthesizers.

He enjoys walking, biking, water, and silence. He is passionate about films that put him to sleep.

He is the Producer of Miaochun Zhang’s ‘I Don’t Remember That I Dreamed’ (link)

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            Since 2015 Jack has worked on countless projects, from feature films to commercials, from narrative works to documentaries. Outside of Production Sound, he is also a Sound Designer and Composer.

Jack’s works have been screened at Tribeca Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Ethnocineca, Provincetown Film Festival, Bushwick Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Beyond Fest, Charlotte Film Festival, and Woods Hole Film Festival, among others.

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Vibrations in Air


Skin & Bone - Production Sound Mixer

Fish Film - Production Sound Mixer, Sound Design

Six Weeks to Twelve Years - Production Sound Mixer (watch full film here)

AAPIHM Spotlight, Warner Bros. Discovery - Production Sound Mixer

 One All The Way - Production Sound Mixer

Babywatch - Production Sound Mixer, Sound Designer

BIE X JNBY Persona Liberation- Production Sound Mixer

Do More of What Makes You Happy - Production Sound Mixer

Given Life - Production Sound Mixer

That One Day - Episode 1

The Reunion - Boom Operator, 2nd Sound Recordist

The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs - Production Sound Mixer

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“Every something is an echo of nothing” - John Cage


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